Workshop Program

7th Dec. NZ. 5:30-5:35pm
6th Dec. US-EST. 11:30pm
Welcome from organizers.
Raju Vatsavai and Chris Symons
7th Dec. NZ. 5:35-6:30pm
6th Dec. US-EST. 11:35pm
Keynote Talk
Dr. Susannah Rose. "The Ethics of AI and Personalization in Healthcare"
Session Chair: Dr. Chris Symons
7th Dec. NZ.6:30-7:10pm
7th Dec. US-EST. 12:30-01:10am
Technical Session
7th Dec. NZ. 6:30pm
7th Dec. US-EST. 12:30am
S13206: Nicklas S Andersen, Marco Chiarandini , Panagiotis Tampakis, Arthur Zimek, and Stefan Jänicke.
"Detecting Wandering Behavior of People with Dementia"
7th Dec. NZ. 6:47pm
7th Dec. US-EST. 12:47am
S22202: Anton Dereventsov, Ranga Raju Vatsavai, and Clayton Webster.
"On the Unreasonable Efficiency of State Space Clustering in Personalization Tasks"
7th Dec. NZ. 7:04pm
7th Dec. US-EST. 01:04am
Coffee Break
7th Dec. NZ. 7:10 - 7:50pm
7th Dec. US-EST. 1:10am
Keynote Talk
Dr. Amy Bucher. "The Behavioral Design of Digital Interventions."
Session Chair: Dr. Raju Vatsavai
7th Dec. NZ. 7:50-8:00pm
7th Dec. US-EST. 01:50am
Closing Remarks.
Raju Vatsavai and Chris Symons